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Mark Wayne Cunningham - The Slanderer


It has come to my attention that Mr. Cunningham has slandered the good name of Mr. Howell by stating that he is involved with Larry Flynt and some pornographic statue in Nashville, Tennessee. This is of course a complete falsehood and anyone who has watched his ranting and ravings in his videos knows that Mark Wayne Cunningham is desperate for attention and wants to improve his personal reputation by whatever means necessary and that includes lying and slander. The fact is I found out that while Mr. Cunningham lived in Tennessee he was deep into pornography, so much that he would leave it up on his computer for his young son to see. He would also go to strip clubs and other shady establishments as well. The debauchery of this man continues to be exposed.


What is interesting is how he pretends to want to expose pornography when he in fact revels in it himself, to the point of exposing it to a young child with no thought of the damage that could have done to this child. His hypocrisy continues to go on display for many to see. Any decent Christian can tell this is not a man after Jesus' own heart but a man hell bent on vengeance with lies and deceit as his sins continue to be exposed.


Also, Mr. Moses Cunningham continues to accredit this website to Mr. Howell. This is not the case. While I am associated with the Howells, they do not know that I am the one who has put this site up. Who am I? Simply an interested party, a friend, anonymous, a guardian so to speak whose only desire is to see that the constant lies of Mr. Cunningham against the people he wronged is refuted by facts and that he is exposed for the fraud that he is. He has slandered their name in his quest to abandon his financial responsibilities, much like he abandoned his son. Of course, Mr. Cunningham's slanderous accusations will be forwarded to the Howells' attorneys and the district attorney as well. Since Mr. Cunningham is constantly having run ins with the law, it's obvious they need to be made aware of his behavior and the danger he poses to decent society.


What is even more amusing are some of his "loyal" followers actually believe this so-called man tells the truth when the facts are all out there to be seen, his arrest records, his child support obligation records, etc. But with recent events in this world there will always be the sheep who can't help but follow the wolf. I have attached a screenshot for the record and removed the names of the innocent who I hope will investigate the truth and see through Mr. Cunningham's deceptive facade and view him in the proper light. A man who invokes the name of Jesus but yet abandon's his obligations to his son, so much that another man adopts him, is not a man at all, but rather such a person is a coward, a liar and a deceiver.