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This site is dedicated to exposing a so-called man who cares more about his internet image than taking care of his obligations concerning the child he abandoned. Mr. "Moses" Cunningham and his family's repeated attempts to quell the truth about his offenses have only given me more resolve to get the truth out about him so the child he abandoned is given justice, something the Cunninglamb wants to avoid. It’s time to expose this fraud and his attempts to cover up the truth about his past and convince the world he’s a good “Christian” man who is too mentally disabled to pay for the child he abandoned. Your sins have found you out.


Now the "American Moses" has been on a crusade of late to protect his internet persona because he feels he's being defamed and slandered. Well, let me fill you in on something...it's only slander if it isn't the truth. Just because you fooled a doctor into giving you a disability doesn't mean its fact. Too bad your doctor didn't consult people who actually knew you and how you sponge off people for your own personal gain and take advantage of people in the name of God. As you will see from screen shots and other information I post, it will become apparent the Cunninglamb is just lazy and wants to stick it to the child he considered a burden instead of a blessing. There are plenty of letters, court documents and internet activities to demonstrate his ability to work but unwillingness to out of a vendetta against the child and the mother. One of his facebook quotes when he avoided ANOTHER jail sentence by faking his disability was "I won they lost, court adjourned." Yeah Cunninglamb, they includes the child you abandoned. Too bad you don't tell your followers about that little bit of information. I'll post those screen shots soon of him gloating how he won and made the child lose his right to justice. Over time you will begin to see the real Mark Wayne Cunningham and why justice must be sought out for a child who cannot seek it for himself.


This is Mark Wayne Cunningham. He abandoned his wife and son, owes 7-8 years of back child support (around $60,000.00 and growing with interest) and recently filed for SSI mental disability to avoid a court sentencing because he doesn’t want to get a job and take care of his obligations and boasted about winning in court on his facebook page. Yet he can write music, produce video and debate politics, religion and philosophy without much effort. He also posted How To Act Like a Tortured Artist on his facebook account. The best part is he pretends to be a great Christian man and tries to promote the Ten Commandments. He has many, many facebook, youtube, mycountryspace, myspace and cafepress sites. He also has other aliases, Amerixan Mark, Moses Cunningham, Cunninglamb, The Coal Miner’s Son, and the list goes on. A deadbeat to the max sponging off government welfare because he doesn’t want to work and enjoyed ripping his abandoned son off in court by scape goating with a “mental disability.”

Here’s some links to his pages.




One has to wonder how people like this sleep at night. The “Moses Cunningham” sure didn’t mind asking people to pray for him then gloat about how he screwed his son over in court. Of course, he would never tell them why he was in court but I suppose that is part of the charade. Check out how he loves to talk about the Ten Commandments. How about the commandment not to abandon your children “Moses”?

Names and avatars of the comments have been removed for obvious reasons.




So Mr. American Moses Cunningham still claims to be mentally disabled and unable to work (can’t even flip burgers or wash dishes apparently) but can write and play music, record and publish his works and sell his stuff on Cafepress. I know people who are truly disabled but would rather work unlike this man who seems to have a unique ability of debating politics, religion and philosophy, has a in depth knowledge about the law, music and a profound capability of working complicated recording equipment, computers and software yet cannot find the “mental abilities” to get a job and work like the rest of us. Some role model………

Just so you know, I’m not making fun of this man, I’m laying out the truth. I’m exposing him as a fraud and seeking justice for the son he abandoned. Any decent human being would take care of his son and do everything possible to pay for his obligations and make amends to atone for the sins he has committed. But apparently Mr. American Moses Cunningham, the Cunninglamb (Coal Miners Son if you prefer) does not feel the need to do this. He feels it is more important to get people to pray for him to destroy the son he left behind and gloat and celebrate this “victory.” He feels it is more important to write and record music, design and create is internet image, sell his wares on the web, and spend endless hours on Facebook rather than getting a real job (of which he is obviously capable as demonstrated from his Facebook posts and Mycountryspace recordings).

No one worthy of being called a man, of being called a father would do this under any circumstances. But I guess you know someone by their fruit.

“And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” -Ephesians 6:4

Kind of hard not to do that “Moses” Cunninglamb when you are too busy abandoning him and destroying him in court.

“My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother” -Proverbs 1:8

Once again, Amerixan Mark, I guess your son couldn’t hear any instruction from you since you decided to leave him behind in the dust and tears of his gentle broken heart…at least he did not forsake the law of his mother who has never left him nor abandoned him.

Take a look below and see if you think “mentally disabled” applies and if SSI and Mr. Moses Cunningham are justified in denying this child his rights.





It's been awhile since I've updated the site. I was actually hoping this site would spur Mr. Cunningham to actually step up, repent and do the right thing for the son he abandoned so that I could eventually just remove it altogether. Unfortunately, the Cunninglamb has decided to take the path that most dead beat ex-dads have taken. Funny, I don't think Jesus, or even Moses, would tell someone to abandoned their child and not pay child support as the law demands, but evidently Moses Cunningham seems to have a different opinion than that of Christ, the other God-fearing prophets or even the Word of God, the Bible, itself.

I was informed that Mr. Mark Wayne Cunningham decided to call the real man, who adopted and has raised the son Mark abandoned, and make some pretty nasty threats against his life. It seems the Cunninglamb has no decency or honor. I'm sure on his hidden facebook account that he didn't bother telling his friends about these verbal physical threats that were laced with profanity and malevolent rage. The three individuals, the son, his mother and the son's new father have tried to bring this conflict to resolution but it seems "Moses" Cunningham just doesn't want to get a real job and/or pay any of his back child support. And just so all of you who read this site understand, where the justice system has failed and where a pathetic excuse of a man cannot own up and take care of his responsibilities, I have taken up the gauntlet to help bring clarity and truth to the matter for the sake of the three individuals he has tried to slander for many years in an attempt to portray himself as something other than the deceiver that he truly is.

I would imagine that since Mr. Cunninglamb hides behind his facebook account and other aliases, something he has hypocritically and erroneously criticized others for doing, that those of you who have come across his internet persona, are not aware of the extent of his malevolent, deceptive behavior. But to help you out, I'll be posting up something soon that I have acquired that will help you realize the facts with regards to his true nature. And unlike Mr. Mark Wayne Cunningham who has endangered the wife and the son he abandoned by maliciously posting their physical phone number and address out on the internet, as if they have something to do with this site (which they do not), I will not post his physical address and phone number as only a vengeful, ignorant fool with something to hide would do such a vicious, life-threatening thing to a good woman, her child and the man that has sworn to protect them both. But there are plenty of public records for you to research, if you are so inclined, that bears the name of Mark Wayne Cunningham and demonstrates the extent of his erratic and unstable behavior.

I wonder if Mr. Mark Wayne "Moses" Cunningham tells his sunday school class about all these facts that this site has revealed? I also wonder what facebook alias the so-called Amerixan Mark Cunninglamb will switch off to next time. Try deadbeatex-dad. I think that is more than a fitting alias to use.


Morganfield, Henderson....no matter what city in Kentucky or any other state you move to, you will not be able to run from your obligations. Get a job instead of sponging off government welfare, the same government you constantly spew so much hatred against. Or do you have a job and refuse to report the income now?


It has come to my attention that Mr. Cunningham has slandered the good name of Mr. Howell by stating that he is involved with Larry Flynt and some pornographic statue in Nashville, Tennessee. This is of course a complete falsehood and anyone who has watched his ranting and ravings in his videos knows that Mark Wayne Cunningham is desperate for attention and wants to improve his personal reputation by whatever means necessary and that includes lying and slander. The fact is I found out that while Mr. Cunningham lived in Tennessee he was deep into pornography, so much that he would leave it up on his computer for his young son to see. He would also go to strip clubs and other shady establishments as well. The debauchery of this man continues to be exposed.


What is interesting is how he pretends to want to expose pornography when he in fact revels in it himself, to the point of exposing it to a young child with no thought of the damage that could have done to this child. His hypocrisy continues to go on display for many to see. Any decent Christian can tell this is not a man after Jesus' own heart but a man hell bent on vengeance with lies and deceit as his sins continue to be exposed.


Also, Mr. Moses Cunningham continues to accredit this website to Mr. Howell. This is not the case. While I am associated with the Howells, they do not know that I am the one who has put this site up. Who am I? Simply an interested party, a friend, anonymous, a guardian so to speak whose only desire is to see that the constant lies of Mr. Cunningham against the people he wronged is refuted by facts and that he is exposed for the fraud that he is. He has slandered their name in his quest to abandon his financial responsibilities, much like he abandoned his son. Of course, Mr. Cunningham's slanderous accusations will be forwarded to the Howells' attorneys and the district attorney as well. Since Mr. Cunningham is constantly having run ins with the law, it's obvious they need to be made aware of his behavior and the danger he poses to decent society.


What is even more amusing are some of his "loyal" followers actually believe this so-called man tells the truth when the facts are all out there to be seen, his arrest records, his child support obligation records, etc. But with recent events in this world there will always be the sheep who can't help but follow the wolf. I have attached a screenshot for the record and removed the names of the innocent who I hope will investigate the truth and see through Mr. Cunningham's deceptive facade and view him in the proper light. A man who invokes the name of Jesus but yet abandon's his obligations to his son, so much that another man adopts him, is not a man at all, but rather such a person is a coward, a liar and a deceiver.